Google, being the largest global search engine network, has introduced many search features during its phase of evolution to simplify the efforts of the users. All these features came into existence as a result of Google’s efforts to deliver a positive user experience and keep the users returning to them for all their solutions. Google’s new feature is one such that can help the users to easily find what they are looking for.

People Search Next feature enables the users to find the popular next searches related to their primary search. It is the newest addition to the Google search results features that include People also ask, People also search for, Related searches, and Refine this search.

People Search Next is found right above the Related Searches Feature. Even though the feature is meant for all kinds of searches, it is now mostly displayed for Near Me searches. According to Google, People Search next will be displayed when the systems have a clear idea of the next searches concerning a primary search.

The feature is now available in the US for queries in the English language, as will soon be available across other areas to benefit the global search community. Apart from the user benefits, the People Search Next feature will be yet another goldmine for better keyword research and content strategies.