Online Reputation

You spend a lot of time and money in training your employees, implementing efficient software systems, maintaining a comfy work environment etc. all with one intention – “Portray your business in the most professional way”. In today’s Web driven world, maintaining professionalism within your organization would not be enough. Your business needs an impressive online reputation as well to win the trust of your potential customers. Nowadays, people scrutinize your online profiles before even giving you an enquiry. Therefore, if you do not have an impressive online reputation, you may miss out on a lot of business without even knowing the reason. Coral Concept is an online reputation management agency in Dubai capable of developing and maintaining an impressive online presence for your company. We can design, develop and maintain your website, handle your social media pages, business listings, Google Business page etc. to ensure that your potential clients get a positive impression about your business online.

How does it work?

Being a recognized online reputation management service provider in Dubai, we know what and where your customers check before deciding to deal with you. We amplify your brand’s voice in all those areas to create a positive vibe about your business. We develop and promote share worthy content and present you as an industry leader. We respond to all your customer quires including negative reviews sensibly to make sure that such reviews does create a bad impression about your brand.

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Dedicated Account Managers

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What we do?


Manage your website

Keeping your website updated with new content and ensuring that it's live 24/7


Post engaging content

Developing and publishing creative designs and shareworthy content on Social Medias.


Review Management

Responding wisely to all reviews including the negative ones to create an impressive online image.


Business listings

Listing your business on local business directories to increase the online visibility of your business.


Highlight your achievements

Publishing your achievements and reorganizations to boost your online reputation.


Blogging & Content Marketing

Preparing informative yet creative content and publishing them on online Medias


Customer Surveys

Conducting customer surveys to understand the response of your products or services in the market.


Brand Awareness Campaigns

Planning and executing advertisement campaigns to make your brands voice heard in the cyberspace.


Reviewing the performance

Results obtained from every campaign and activities are closely tracked and fine tuned.

Asked Questions

It’s not really about the frequency of the posts on social media pages, rather it’s the quality of the content that matters. Highlighting your products or promoting offers on social media pages alone would not help you build online reputation. You need to develop content that your audience will love to go through and even share in their circle. Our reputation management experts always stay updated about the latest happenings in your industry and prepare content that your targeted audience will love to read and share. We create social media posts that can touch your customers minds and develop brand loyalty.  The idea is to always stay connected with the targeted audience on social media channels and keep on reminding them about your brand name.

It’s natural to get a few bad reviews, no matter how carefully you handle the customers because satisfying all the customers is a ‘next to impossible’ task. However, you should handle the bad reviews smartly to minimize its ill effect on your business. You can talk to the unsatisfied customer, try to convince him and turn the negative review into a positive one. You can also respond to the bad reviews sensibly, so that readers know that it was not your fault.

Our reputation management experts develop and share content with your brand’s identity. This way your brand name reaches more people each time the content is shared on social Medias. Moreover, when you post informative content related to your industry, the readers will have more confidence in dealing with you. Your customers will consider you as an Industry expert.