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Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of getting your website on top positions of google search results. Running a business without SEO is like setting up a store in a backstreet and not letting anyone know about it. Your website would not get enough traffic unless it’s visible to your potential customers. Our Job is to make your website visible every time when a search is triggered for your products or services on search engines. Coral Concepts LLC is a top-tier SEO agency in Dubai with experience bringing websites to the top positions from nowhere. We have a dedicated team of content writers, creative designers, web developers and SEO analysts to create and execute strategies to increase traffic to your website, sales volume and ROI.

With google releasing new updates every now and then, getting your website to the top of search result page by following basic link building strategies may not work. Such traditional SEO methods may give you results for some time but as soon as a new update is rolled out the website vanishes from the list. Here is where you need a reliable SEO company in UAE that can take evidence based decisions. Our experience as a SEO agency working for clients in Dubai has taught us that fresh and relevant content is extremely important when it comes to securing the top position on Google in long run. If the visitors like the content you have on your website or shared through other websites, your domain name is certainly going to stay in Google’s good books. Therefore, we are one of the SEO companies in Dubai that gives enormous importance to creating and marketing quality content.

we work?

We start the project by thoroughly analyzing your website to ensure that it meets all the guidelines set by Google. We check for content duplication, URL structure, Responsiveness, loading Speed, quality of the content and so goes the list. Along with conducting a website audit, we analyze your competitors marketing strategies and prepare the list of most potential keywords for your business. We let you choose the keywords from the list and fine tune your website to ensure that all On-Page SEO parameters are satisfied. Once the keywords are finalized and On Page SEO is done, we proceed with the off-page SEO process to build your website’s reputation online and gradually improve your website’s position on search engines. We send you a detailed report every month that will include a comparison of previous month’s keyword positions v/s current month’s keyword positions, details on traffic volume including the source of traffic etc. We ensure that the whole process is transparent and client friendly.


Result Oriented Approach


No Black Hat SEO

Handled by Google Certified Professionals

Handled by Google Certified Professionals

Proven track record

Guaranteed Results



Keyword research

Thorough keyword research to find the most potential search terms.


Competitor Analysis

Watching competitor moves to keep your business ahead in the competition.


Setting Action Plans

Setting measurable action plans with milestones to deliver results in minimum time.


On-Page SEO

Optimizing the website to get it into the Google's good books.


Off Page SEO

Promoting the website and driving traffic from all online channels.


Report submission

Measuring the results and submit clear reports to keep the client well-informed.

How SEO can
benefit your business?

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Enhanced User Experience

User experience is a pivotal element in SEO because google ranks down websites with high bounce rate. Users visit websites to find information, products or services that they are looking for. If they do not find what they are looking for on your website within a short span, they will close the website and visit your competitor’s site. This will give your competitors a chance to improve their ranking. As a reliable SEO company in Dubai, UAE, we always try to improve user experience on the website, so that you always stay ahead of your competitors. We closely monitor the user navigation and fine tune the website to improve user experience.

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Influence on Buyers

It’s certain that majority of the buyers search on Google before buying products or services. They do not search for what they are looking for once. They try searching with different keywords at different occasions before taking a decision. Our aim as an SEO company in Dubai, UAE is to bring your website on search result page every time user searches for the products or services you offer. More number of times users get to see your website address, more chances of you getting business leads.

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Better Conversation rate

Search Engine Optimization is an inbound marketing strategy. In the sense, SEO allows you to market your products or services exactly when the users are looking for it. Here you do not have to create demand for the product rather you just have to convince that you are the right vendor. Therefore, the leads obtained through SEO will have higher closure rate.

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Reputation for the Business

It’s obvious that the people trust Google. Therefore, your website appearing on Google search is a kind of “vote of confidence”. Appearing on first few positions of Google search makes your website more credible and It certainly influences the buyers. Moreover, as your SEO service provider, we publish your business and website details on various trusted business directories and websites to drive traffic onto your website. Appearing on different business listings further boosts up the buyers’ confidence in you.

Asked Questions

SEO produces results gradually and may take 4-6 months for it to start benefiting your business. Your website may not be anywhere in the list and once we start working on the project, it starts showing up on last pages, gradually it reaches first page and then among top 3 positions. However, once it hits the first page, your business is going to get potential leads. Well, the time depends upon the competition of the keyword and the current position of the website.

Black Hat SEO is an unethical process of getting traffic on to your website by going against Google’s guidelines. It may bring the website to the top positions instantly but do not really benefit the searchers all the time. As a result, the website gets penalty from Google and is removed from the google listing. We being a trusted SEO company in Dubai, UAE ensure that your website reaches the top positions through ethical means. Our intension is to fetch you the best result and at the same time, we always want to solve the searchers queries efficiently.

Well, your website has to be user-friendly and meet all guidelines set by Search Engines. It should be smartphone friendly and load instantly on all majorly used browsers. All the information that the users may look for should always be a click away. Our SEO experts audit your website and give you inputs on how to fine tune the website. We have web developers to make modifications on the website to meet the SEO requirements. However, if your website is not scalable, we would suggest a revamp.