ERP Development

Successful business enterprises require the best of integrated management systems to facilitate the smooth flow of business. These centralized systems should uniquely collect, process and interpret the information from each and every department, so that the data is well structured. We at Coral Concept, strive to deliver customized ERP solutions of high standards for our clients, according to what they and their business needs. We always believe that customized facilities are the key to the success of any business.

Running a business enterprise, you might have felt somewhere that there is a lack of coordination or communication between the various departments. All you need is the right ERP solution, and we are completely here for it. Coral Concept is one of the most successful companies with experience in ERP software development in UAE. Our well-built team of developers and strategists churn out the most effective ERP solutions for your business. Throughout our journey, we have been blessed to work with a number of brands, and have succeeded in simplifying their internal proceedings.


Why Choose Coral Concept
As an ERP Development Company in Dubai

Customised Service

Customized Service

We come up with custom designed ERP software solutions solely based on your needs

Development Experts

Development Experts

We have a team of developers who are brilliant in churning out everything that comes digital.

Simplified Design

Simplified Design

Our software designs ensure a smooth and comfortable user-friendly experience.

Full Time Support

Full Time Support

We always ensure client satisfaction and ensure our service whenever you need us.

Safest Softwares

Safest Software

We care a great deal about your privacy and always deliver a bug-free solution.

Impressive Track Record

Impressive Track Record

We have the valuable experience of working with a number of businesses in UAE

Our Process


Gathering Information

We carefully listen to your requirements and create an idea of what you require



We then start with a project plan encapsulating all the desired information.



Our Designers come up with the best designs that go parallel with client’s customization.


Software Development

We then use all the information, ideas and designs, to develop a unique ERP software


Client Review

We deliver the beta version of the software to the client and let them review the program



Once everything gets a nod, we implement the ERP software in the premises.

Asked Questions

ERP softwares can automate and divide a number of routine works and increase productivity. They also help your employees to have an idea of the specific assignments that concern their departments.

Third party ERP softwares have their own designs, specifications and guidelines, which have to be followed while using them. Getting adapted to it is really a difficult task. But using softwares that has been customised according to your needs, can help you with a more comfortable and user-friendly experience.