Though there are numerous innovative marketing techniques like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertisements and video marketing, businesses across the globe still allot budget for e-mail marketing every year. This old marketing technique continuous to be effective even in current scenario. Coral Concept is a reliable e-mail marketing agency in Dubai with experience running variety of campaigns using large databases. We have creative designers to prepare attractive e-mail templates, copy writers to create convincing write ups and e-mail marketing experts to run the campaigns successfully.

More than 60% of the e-mails that every one of us receive every day are promotional mails. It includes renewal notifications, discount offers, newsletters and so goes the list. Interesting part is, most of the e-mails sent by the companies do not even land up on their clients’ inboxes as the spam filters block such mails.  You need creative ideas and right techniques to get the promotional mails land up in your potential clients in-boxes and grab the attention of your customers. You can rely on us to execute result oriented e-mail marketing campaigns. We closely measure the response of all our campaigns and give you a detailed report on how many mails landed up in your clients’ inboxes, how many of the customers opened up the mail, how many of them clicked on the “Call to action” etc. Such a detailed information help you to understand the performance of the e-mail marketing campaigns and help us to plan your upcoming e-mail campaigns better.

How it

Our e-mail marketing experts carefully listen to your marketing goals and create a plan to successfully execute the campaign. Our copy writers develop catchy write ups and designers create attractive templates to grab the attention of the readers. We convert the custom designed e-mailer into an HTML format to make it more attractive and compatible with commonly used browsers. Using the best tools we run the campaign targeting the intended audience and closely monitor the result. We submit the detailed report to let you analyze the performance of the campaign.

Content Management System

Customized designs

Custom designed Website

HTML E-Mailers

Personalized Messages

Increase in traffic

Measurable Results



Preparing e-mail database

Preparing an e-mail list of targeted audience.


Creating catchy e-mailers

Creating catchy designs and write ups for the e-mailer.


Sending e-mails and tracking

Shooting the e-mails and tracking the result.

How will it benefit
my business?

Agency and client discussing email marketing tactics

Effective Sales Promotion

Majority of the people stay signed-in to their e-mail accounts through the smart phones and check their mail accounts several times a day. Therefore, your promotional emails will rarely go unnoticed by your clients. If your offer is tempting and the presentation is overwhelming, your deal is certainly going to work as a magnet for your business.

Agency and client discussing email marketing tactics

Low cost

When compared to other digital marketing techniques, e-mail marketing is economical. All you would need is a creative design, catchy write up and a valid account on an e-mail marketing platform. We being an experienced e-mail marketing company in Dubai can offer you several ready-made e-mail templates to further cut down the cost. We already have a numerous templates ready for you to choose.

Agency and client discussing email marketing tactics

Staying Connected with your clients

Staying connected with your existing clients is as important as getting new clients. You can let your clients know about the new branch you opened, awards you won, changes in the management etc. to keep your clients updated about your achievements. You could even send them seasonal greetings on different occasions.

Agency and client discussing email marketing tactics

Develop Brand Loyalty

E-mail Campaigns give you an opportunity to keep reminding your clients about your brand, services and products. The more number of times they see your brand logo, read about your company, more they feel connected with your business. Such a bounding can win you reference businesses.

Asked Questions

Your usual e-mail accounts set limit on bulk e-mails and therefore, it will be difficult to send e-mails to a large audience through such accounts. Moreover, if the readers mark your promotional e-mail as ‘Spam’, there are chances of your e-mail getting black listed. Once black listed, all the e-mails sent from that account will land up in spam box. You can run your e-mail marketing campaigns through tried and tested tools.

Usually, spam filters block the promotional e-mails and you may not even know that it never landed up in the intended reader’s inbox. However, our experience as an e-mail marketing company in Dubai has made us experts in creating content that do not just convince your clients but the spam filters too. We avoid the usual sales tones and jargons to reduce the chances of your e-mailers being blocked.

A perfect e-mailer is a combination of creative images and catchy write ups. However, the usual image based e-mailers do not open up well on certain browsers and e-mail clients. The charm of the e-mailer is lost if it’s loaded with broken or shabby images. By converting the e-mailer into HTML, it becomes more compatible with the e-mail clients, enabling you to present the content in all its glory. The HTML format even lets you add links and attractive effects on the e-mailer.