Web Application Development

Web applications like HR Software, Inventory Management applications, Enquiry management tools etc. make business operations easier to manage. These applications make relevant data available on a few clicks, helping the management in taking vital decisions spontaneously. However, the ready-made applications available in the market may not always fit the requirement of your organization and you may want a custom designed solution to suit your unique requirements. Here is where we as a reliable web application development company in Dubai can help you. We carefully study your exact requirements as well as the processes followed in the organization and develop web applications that can make your business operations easier as well as efficient.

In our experience as a web application development company in Dubai, organizations seek for new features and functions in the system as the business grow. Your management experts may come up with new ideas to further streamline your business processes for better output. You may want a new feature in the web application to support a new business flow or you may want to implement the application in a newly opened branch with a new set of user privileges, whatever the case may, you do not have to worry about expansion when you are using a web application developed by us. We develop solutions that are scalable based on business requirements.

Why choose Coral Concept
as your Web application development Company in Dubai?

Custom designed Website

Custom developed Applications

Custom developed web applications to suit your exact requirements compatible with your existing IT infrastructure

On track

Secure, Robust, Scalable

Highly secure solutions with 99.99% uptime and upgradable based on future requirements.

Integrated systems

Web Based Solutions

Web based applications for 24/7 access from any web enabled devices across the globe

Content Management System

Light on IT resources

Does not need high-end IT resources and loads instantly on all commonly used browsers.

Content writing

User-friendly Interface

Easy-to-use interface avoids all sorts of confusions and make our applications user-friendly.

Integrated systems

Easy Integration with other system

Data sharing possible with other systems in the organization through well managed API calls.

Handled by Google Certified Professionals

Privilege based Access

Administrators can set different levels of user privileges to prevent unauthorized usage of the system

Technical support

Efficient Technical Support

Efficient technical support provided by experts through call, chat or remote desktop sharing

Our Process


Requirement Analysis

Our Business Analysts carefully listens to your requirements and gather all the required information.


Wireframe development

We develop a blue print of the application that will give you an idea about the layouts and work flow.


User-interface Development

All the user-interfaces are smartly designed to make sure that the application can be easily used by anyone.


Application development

We develop the application based on the approved wireframe and user interfaces.


Comprehensive Testing

The entire application is tested by the professional quality Analysts to ensure that the application is error free.


Implementation and Training

Our experts implement the application in your premises and train your work force to make best use of the application.

Asked Questions

Yes, you can access the web applications from your smartphone if you have access to the Internet. If you prefer, we can even develop a mobile application to let you stay connected with the system from anywhere you are.

We use cloud hosting servers to store your data. Therefore, your data is not lost even if your computer crashes or your network fails. Moreover, the cloud server automatically backups your data regularly to give a second layer of protection to your data. In short, no matter what happens, your data will be safe on the cloud server.

Being a web application development company in Dubai, UAE, we have had several opportunities to replace the traditional software with the new web based applications by migrating huge volumes of data. We are experts in carefully replacing old desktop based software to web applications without losing any data.

We develop web based applications that do not require high-end systems or networks. Our applications work well even on normal desktop computers. Therefore, you do not have to spend on upgrading your current IT setup to accommodate the new application.