The past decade has witnessed a huge rise in the e-commerce possibilities in UAE. The increasing demand for online payments along with an online ecosystem in business has resulted in the emergence of many e-commerce solutions, providing the best of services.

A safe and reliable payment gateway is integral for any business, whether it be startups, stores starting online business, or even the existing e-commerce stores. Every professional e-commerce web development company will make sure to provide a budget friendly, safe and convenient payment gateway to smoothen your online business.

But to choose from many is a difficult task. Which is why we will narrow it to some of the best e-commerce payment gateways in UAE that you can rely upon.


Providing payments through different methods in about 100 countries, Telr has emerged as a very popular payment gateway. Their plans start from AED 349/month, and also includes Initial, Small and Medium payment levels which are suitable for all kinds of startups and e-commerce businesses. For small and medium levels, you will have to pay AED 39 and AED 49 respectively apart from the other charges.

Amazon Payment Services

This renowned payment gateway accepts payment in 18 currencies. Priced at 2.8 per transaction, Amzon Payment Services also offers features like fraud protection at additional costs. The monthly fee is around AED280 and the exchange fee is AED 1.00, with no initial setup fees. With an extra monthly fee of AED 35, a setup charge of AED 135 is also needed to verify any kind of false actions in the payment.


Established in 2014, they are highly recommended with innovative security management certified by Visa and MasterCard, a fraud prevention system and an agile tech which facilitates creating and sending invoices. Charging 2.85 percent + 1 AED per transaction, they offer their services in 168 currencies.


Since 2014, checkout has been a popular online payment gateway for mobile and online purchases, especially for the budding entrepreneurs in the UAE. With a transaction fee of AED 0.75 to 2.75 percent of the sum, they offer payments through MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, American Express Cards, Apple Pay, Mada, Google Pay, QPay, Alipay.

Network International

They support a wide range of payment options like Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypal, and also adds new methods accordingly. They also feature the latest Payment Card Industry Software along with end-to-end encryption which offers safe transactions. Customer receipts are available through SMS or email for better convenience.

Innovative Payments

They have been providing a reliable and cost-effective payment service in Dubai to their customers since 2009. Offering over 120 transaction currencies, the setup fee ranges from 1500 – 5000 AED, with transfer charges from 3 – 5 percent + AED 0.50 depending upon the type of account.

CC Avenue

Established in 2004, they are one of the largest payment solutions companies in South Asia. The monthly charge is around 200 AED, with no setup fee. The transaction rates start from 3 percent per translation, along with a fixed transaction fee of 1 AED. They are one of the few gateways which provide pricings suitable for all business levels in the UAE.


They are known as the first and one of the largest payment gateway solutions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Without any setup fee, they offer transactions in 13 currencies with a transaction fee of 7 percent and an annual charge of 1.00 USD for maintenance.

To sum up, all these payment gateways stand out with one or the other features they offer. Thinking deep on what your business needs, any choice that you take would be of great success to your future e-commerce transactions.