Right from when Dubai won the bid in the World Expo Appointment Panel in Paris in 2013, the Dubai Expo 2020 has been something the world has been waiting to witness. With the world’s greatest show now being hoisted aloft in the Al Wasl Plaza, we will have a detailed look into the Dubai Expo 2020 and the rich history of the great global exhibition.

What is Expo 2020 Dubai?

 Expo 2020 is the latest edition of the round of the World Expos conducted around the world. Since the Great Exhibition that was held in 1851 in London, the World Expo series has been running successfully.

The Expo represents a global gathering of various nations who share ideas and innovations with the rest of the world. With the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, many innovative and interactive activities are hosted to engage with the millions of visitors who come to experience the Expo.

Dubai is the first ever to host the World Expo in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, uplifting UAE’s place in the global discussions on how we should use the potential of the present era and make living better. During its six-month run, officials expect that about 25 million visitors will experience the pride and luxury of Expo 2020, out of which, 70 percent are expected to be foreigners.

The Three Districts

The Expo 2020 has three basic themes – sustainability, mobility, and opportunity – which will be vastly explored throughout three dedicated districts.

The sustainability district will deliver the values of living in harmony with nature along with a high-tech future that meets all digital and technological expectations. Along with solar energy and water condensing trees, the district also has a dedicated outdoor stage accommodating up to 300 people where music concerts and cultural shows will be conducted. Terra – the sustainability pavilion – will help you discover more sustainable solutions for the bright future of the planet. The attractions in the sustainability district include Gnasher (a machine that represents endless consumption), walking through a waterfall, watering the desert, entering a rainforest, a miniature world, and much more.

The mobility district stands to eliminate the difference between the physical and digital world and to improve the value of mobility in transferring ideas and innovations faster than ever before. Alif -the mobility pavilion- will enhance the importance of digital connectivity and how humanity is finding various realms of progress through mobility. The mobility district will feature a ride in an autonomous vehicle and you can enjoy the display of innovative mobility technologies and devices. You will also be able to explore the newest developments in space exploration that including the Emirates Mars Mission and the UAE National Space Programme. Other important attractions in the mobility district include virtual reality, the idea of future mobility, and other innovations in space.

The opportunity district features the opportunities that the digital world has provided for the future of living. Mission possible – the opportunity pavilion – hosts various youth-empowerment activities and you will be able to meet and be inspired by many innovators who urge to make society better. Some of the best experiences in the pavilion include co-creation with AI, New perspectives, building a more balanced world, etc.

The Participants of Expo 2020

Apart from the sustainability, mobility, and opportunity pavilions, there are 4 types of dedicated pavilions that enrich the world of Expo. Let us have a look at them.

  • Country Pavilions

With about 192 participating nations, country pavilions are one of the best attractions of Expo 2020. Every participating nation has a dedicated pavilion and this is happening for the first time in the World Expo history. Country pavilions let you experience the richness of the cultures in different nations and how each nation is unique in its efforts for a better life and a bright future.

  • Partner Pavilions

The partners of Expo 2020 Dubai are the leading brands and businesses in the world. The partner pavilions feature the innovations and efforts of the Expo partners and their world-class expertise in improving the world as a whole through their specific niche.

  • Organization Pavilions

Organization pavilions display how civil society and international organizations have developed themselves to cater to the global challenges that we are facing now and in the future.

  • Special Pavilions

Special pavilions include Expo-owned pavilions like sustainability, mobility, and opportunity pavilions. They feature an all-around experience of entertainment, education, and excitement through various visually and physically engaging activities.

Major Attractions of Expo 2020

Apart from the huge number of country pavilions and the cultural diversity they deliver, there are some unique attractions that the Expo features. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • A Special Screening Ceiling

Redefining the architectural innovations that Dubai has always introduced, the Dubai Expo features a steel dome fitted with the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface in the Al Wasi Plaza. The visitors can experience the visual treat of the videos screened on this surface from inside and outside the Al Wasi plaza.

  • Salama, The Ghaf Tree

The Ghaf tree is considered powerful and wise according to the Arabic culture and has been a refuge and relaxation for many travelers for centuries. The Expo will enhance the values of peace and tolerance symbolized by the tree through the story of Salma, an inspirational character based on the tree. The sacred tree has witnessed the unified, cultural, and infrastructural development of UAE for centuries, and will continue it for the future. The theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” is symbolized by the Ghaf tree.

  • A Bird’s Eye View

Apart from the ground-level beauty, the Expo is enhancing its value by hosting a rotating observation tower which will provide you an areal view of the tombs, parks, and other enormous structures in the Expo. You can take a mind-blowing picture of the whole area of the Dubai Expo with the skyline in the background.

  • Mascots to Entertain You

The Dubai Expo 2020 also features five mascots namely Rashid, Latifa, Terra, Alif, and Opti. While the first two are siblings who are fond of magic, stories, nature, science, and technology, the last three guard the three thematic pavilions that complete the Expo. While Terra guards the sustainability pavilion, Alif and Opti guard the mobility and opportunity pavilions respectively. Both children and the elder ones will love these five ones.

  • Enjoy the Unique Flavours

With more than 50 restaurants, above 200 F&B outlets, and over 300 dishes to try out, the Expo unleashes a vast variety of cuisines for its foreign visitors. Rather than a normal food fair, the Expo has incorporated the themes of unity and connectivity with these varieties. This includes the future of the food industry, the introduction of augmented reality and robots to improve efficiency and experience. There will be a wide variety of unique tastes and cuisines that suits your budget and interests.

Major Events of Expo 2020 Dubai

The Expo 2020 provides you with a lot to watch and experience. Here are some of the best events in this season.

  • The Cultural Extravaganza

The Expo promises to entertain you with cultural events from all nations participating in it. You will be able to discover the unique cultures of each and every country through stories, songs, dance concerts, stage performances, and much more.

  • Ride in the Hyperloop

Experience the feel of a hyperloop ride which would you from one destination to the other in a flash. Hyperloop is the latest advancement in global travel tech. So, enjoy the feel of experiencing it before it reaches the market.

  • New Travel Destinations

With more than 190 countries participating in the Expo, every pavilion booth will have the best attractions in the country, tour packages, and much more to plan your next vacation.

  • Enjoy The Music

The Expo hosts exciting brand performances and concerts by famous musicians that revolve around the themes of unity and connectivity. Apart from dancing with the music, you will be able to discover the diversity that each of them represents and conveys.

  • Play and Learn With Technology

From making your own robots to enjoying the future of food tech, Expo 2020 allows you to enjoy the curiosity of technology with a wide range of engaging activities.

  • Expand Your Business

The Expo is not just about fun and amazement. It provides a vast space for employees, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to share knowledge about growing the business, finding new ways with like-minded people, and building a bright future together through sustainability. You will find a lot of talented professionals who can improve your thoughts and beliefs in what you do.

  • Take Up You Opportunity

If you are a budding entrepreneur, the Expo is the best place to introduce and exhibit your products and services before stepping into the vast market. You can also attend workshops and other career planning activities to furnish your skills and boost growth.

  • Enhance Sustainability

The Expo is your best choice to make the world a better place. You will see Gnasher, a huge consumption machine that produces single-use products from natural resources, which highlights the importance of sustainability and judicious use of resources.

  • Enjoy Sporting

The Expo 2020 Dubai also features various adventure, gaming, and sporting activities that can burn your energy very well. Sporting events with virtual and augmented reality are the ones that take your experience higher than ever.

  • Playtime for Children

The Al Wasi Plaza, Al Forsan Park, and Jubile park are vast enough for the kids to play, interact with each other, and have fun watching the roaming mascots. The fun games around will keep them entertained for hours.

  • Fun Day and Night

The Expo events start at 10:00 am in the morning and continue till 1:00 am on weekdays and 2:00 am on weekends. The whole lighting after sundown will enhance the visual appeal of the entire space, with lighted palm groves and the sparkling fountain.

To sum up, Expo 2020 Dubai is undoubtedly the best way to start your post-pandemic world exploration. Ranging from the cultural extravaganza to the most modern technological applications, you will have the experience of a lifetime. So, be sure to book your tickets and explore the amazement of witnessing the world in its best-ever version.