Branding is essential for the growth of any business. But among the various aspects of branding, brand continuity is an important tool that helps you accelerate this growth in both offline and online media.

With more people improving their engagement in social media, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc can contribute a lot towards the acceptance of your brand among the public. Even though all these platforms function according to their own algorithms, there are some basic factors that can help you to ensure brand continuity.

Designing a Perfect Logo

A logo is not just an attractive image with the brand name displayed on it. It is a very important element that conveys the company’s mission, vision, principles, and values. In order to attract various social media audiences, your brand should have a meaningful and attractive logo. It should be used everywhere including the profile picture, cover picture, as a watermark in the uploaded pictures, videos, and all other media uploads. This will make sure that whenever someone comes across the content you published, they will see your logo too. With more people getting familiar with your logo, your brand continuity will improve steadily. For the safer part, you may connect with a social media agency in Dubai to introduce an attractive logo.

Determine Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice depends upon the type of your brand and the message it has to deliver. The content you publish on social media has great significance in assessing your brand voice. Some brands may publish inspirational or motivational content, while others may come up with academic or informative content. Deliver your brand voice according to the brand style and personality. For example, if you are a fashion brand targeting the youth, the content you publish should be exciting, humorous, and colorful.

Establish a Brand Identity

Online interactions are necessary for a brand to communicate with its target audience. The way you interact, the content you deliver, and your nature of communication will directly or indirectly establish a personality or identity to your brand. For example, if you regularly reply to comments and provides solutions for all customer concerns quickly, you will be considered a highly responsible and trustable brand. If it is the other way, your brand continuity will not have much life on social media. Thus, make sure that you establish a positive brand identity that your target audience easily accepts.

Use a Slogan/Tagline

Every successful business has a catchy tagline. It may have been in use for a long time, that the people are very familiar with it.  A tagline can be a word or a phrase, but should not be longer than four or five words. The basic idea of a tagline is to convey the value, purpose, beliefs, and personality of the brand. Using your tagline along with your logo everywhere will make the social media audience memorize it. Whenever they hear your brand name, they will think of the tagline too, same as ‘Just do it’ for Nike. apart from this, if your tagline has a deeper meaning, you will be able to use them across all content in your social media, thereby ensuring brand continuity among your audience.

Evaluate Your Social Media Performance

No strategy gets better without a proper evaluation of its results. In order to improve your brand continuity, you should regularly audit your social media performance and the results you have achieved through your social media interactions. Apart from technical audits, introducing polls or asking customers their opinions about your social media communication can not only fetch you results but also take a step further towards social media interaction.

With social media engagement and interactions increasing day by day, you must make sure that you have a brand continuity that keeps your brand live every day.