Digital marketing is no more just another option to get new customers or sell your products, it’s crucial for every business in today’s world. People spend most of the time on smartphones. Probably, the last gadget we glance at before going to bed and the first thing we check after waking up in the morning would be “smart phones”. TV advertisements are watched by people only when they are on entrainment mode. However, an advertisement on digital platform can catch the glance of your targeted audience even when they are at work. In short, if smart strategies are applied on the right platforms, digital advertisements can work for your business 24/7.

Well, how to do you arrive at the right strategies and right channels? The simple answer to this question is, you have to find where your targeted audience spend most of their time on Internet and deliver what they are looking for.  You can place your ads on Google, Facebook, Linked-in etc. depending on what works for your business.

Do an intensive research

With several digital marketing options available, business owners tend to invest on all the platforms at once and end up being at the losing end. You have to ensure ROI in every digital marketing campaign and for that, you have to spend time doing your research well. You have to find out the most potential search terms (referred as keywords) that your customers search with, if you are planning to invest on Google Paid Ads.  If you are planning to invest on social media channels, you have to find out what your competitors offer and come out with something that can keep you ahead in the race. So, workout on your USPs and target the right audience to get genuine leads.­

Plan and execute campaigns

Once you have the required data, it’s time to plan your campaigns. You need to allot adequate budget for each campaign to get the best results. The amount you invest on each campaign has a lot to do with the success of the campaign- “Higher the amount, higher the reach”. So, instead of investing small amounts on multiple platforms, it’s better to invest on a single plan if you are on a tight budget. However, if you have enough budget, it’s always better to experiment on different platforms to check out on what is working for you.

Measure the results and Fine tune

You should always closely monitor the performance of your campaigns and understand what is best working for you. Find out the elements that is adversely affecting the performance of the campaign and keep fine tuning it. For instance, if you are investing on Google Search Ad, you need to check your Ad relevance score, landing page experience score, Click-through-rate etc. and rework on your campaign to fetch the results. Sometimes, you do everything right on digital marketing but fail to display catchy & relevant information in your Ad copies. The visual appeal and the texture play a vital role in making a campaign successful.  So, measure the results and keep fine tuning the campaign for better results.

Re-adjust the Budget­

You need to measure “return on investment” on each campaign and invest more on what is paying off. On the other side, if a particular type ad is not bringing you the desired result, you should stop investing on it. You need to use right tools and strategies to find out what campaign drove the customer into your sales funnel. Google Analytics can be the perfect reference point to understand the performance of your campaigns and access ROI.

You can talk to our digital marketing expert to get a perfect digital marketing strategy that can fire up your sales figure.