The very idea of digital marketing is to find out the platforms where your targeted audience spend most of their time and post attractive advertisements to grab their attention. In that prospective, the search Giant ‘Google’ is always a favorite for digital marketers. Goggling has become a habit for everyone today. You want to know where you can dine tonight… you Google it! You want to know the review of a product you are planning to buy….. You Google it! Therefore, if you make best use of the marketing options offered by Google, you are sure to get potential leads and grow your business. So, let us checkout different marketing options available on Google.

Local Search Listing

If your business is not listed in Local search, you are missing out big time. You need to create a “Google My Business Page” and optimize the page with catchy and relevant content to make your business listed on Google Search. Like you may know, Google shows not more than 3 names on the front page. If you want to see more businesses, you need to click on “View all”.  Therefore, you need to make sure that your website gets listed in top 3 on Google local search to attract users. Google considers factors like Reviews and Ratings, Keyword usage on the page, citations etc. to rank the businesses on Local search. So, try to get maximum positive reviews on Google Business page and register your business in local business directories to get citations. Google even lets you advertise on the Local search. You can run local search Ads and get your business listed in local search to get local business.

Search Engine Optimization

People very rarely go to the second or third page of search result on Google. They trigger a search and click the first few links they see on the result page. Higher the ranking of your website on Google, higher the chances of your business getting leads. Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of helping your website reach the top positions on Google. SEO can be divided into two – “On-page and off Page SEO”. Like the name says, On-page SEO is a process of optimizing your website as per SEO guidelines. Off-page SEO includes several techniques like guest blogging, business directory listing, image submission etc. to improve the reputation of your website on Google, which in turn improves the ranking of the website. You need a professional SEO Analyst working on the project to drive your website to the top of the search results.

Google Search Ads

SEO is an organic way of getting your website to the top of search results. On the other side, Google Search Ads is a paid option to display your website on search result pages. You can select the keywords that you want your website to be ranked for and run the campaign through Google Ad Manager. When a user clicks on your AD, you are charged for the click and the user is directed to the landing page set for the campaign. Google Search Ads can bring you instant result but once the set amount is exhausted, your Ad is stopped. So, you can plan Google Search Ads based on your budget and marketing goals.

Google Display Ads

Google display Ads lets you display your advertisements on the websites that are registered on Google Display Network. You can create attractive Ad banners, choose a niche to show your Ads and run the campaign through Google Ad manager. For example: if you are selling cosmetic products, you can choose niches like beauty care, cosmetics etc. and your ads are shown to the people who visit beauty care or cosmetic related blogs or websites. If an advertisement related to cosmetic product is shown to a person who is reading beauty tips, the chances of he/she buying the product is high. Through this model, your product or service advertisements are shown to the most potential buyers.

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping Ads is a perfect advertisement model for e-commerce merchants. It displays the products that the user is searching for, right on the Search result page. The searcher can see image, name and amount of the product he/she is searching for right below the search bar on Google. As soon as the user clicks on the Ads, he/she is taken to the cart page.

Google is one of the best advertisement platforms for almost all the businesses across the globe. However, since every business is trying to get their space on search result page, you need expert brains to work for your brand. We can work closely with your company to help you fetch the best result at minimum budget. Talk to our Expert Now.