Google is about to roll out its new Page Experience Algorithm and we here to give you a heads up and prepare you for the path breaking shift. The days of keyword stuffing and other shortcuts are behind us and we now focus on rendering relevant content and user-friendly experience to the visitors of a website.

The Page Experience entails creating a symbiotic interaction between the website and the visitor. The new algorithm employs Page Experience parameters to perceive the quality of interaction that a visitor derives from a webpage. In simple words, the shady tricks that websites could have used to fool visitors into taking desirable actions will no longer work and in fact, it can negatively affect the ranking of a website. Then how can you propel your website’s performance in this new scenario?

Work on 404 errors

404 errors are unavoidable, it can stem from many factors and some of them would not even be in our control. But with better optimization and management, you can dwindle the toll 404 takes on your website. There could be numerous other websites that offer the same services as yours and glitches such as these will drive the visitors to your competitors. Ideally, the webpages should load within 1 sec range. God Forbid your website encounters a 404 error, even then, bundle your error page with helpful links or a search bar so that the visitor gives you one more chance.

Stalk your competitor websites

The best way to analyze the performance of your website is by comparing it with your competitors. Observe the top performing pages in your neck of the woods and discern what they are doing right to outperform countless other websites. Pick up the tricks, improve it and implement it on your website, ensuring a much more delightful user experience.

Optimize your website design

Your website design has a significant role to play in the amiability of the website. Clutter-free design, keywords that are organically integrated, readability of content, images optimized with ALT tags, consistent style etc. constitute a good website design. Also, the outlook of the website has a lot to contribute to your brand image. According to the new algorithm, your brand image is directly proportional to the traffic you are going to drive in.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

Ubersuggest chrome extension is an SEO tool introduced by Neil Patel that will proffer crucial SEO data onto your search page effortlessly. By enabling the ubersuggest chrome extension, you can acquire link overview, Facebook shares, domain score, keyword overview etc. in a go. All you need to do is to enter the search phrase in Google and the search results page will give you the top ten pages along with its key SEO data.

In a nutshell, Google will push the web pages that are most loved by the users. Websites that focus on proffering user-friendly experience will see their ranks and performance getting augmented in the coming days whereas web pages that the visitors tend to hate will tank their ranks and will be bumped to the hindmost pages of the search engine results page.