For businesses with a localized focus, Google My Business Listings can generate high organic traffic to their websites. To optimize Google My Business profiles, adding UTM tags to website URLs that come within those listings have been found very effective to sort out the means of traffic.

What is UTM Tagging?

 UTM is the short form for Urchin Tracking Module. UTM tags are basically codes that can be added at the end of external links, so as to know more about the origin of your website traffic. Thus, when someone clicks on a UTM-tagged URL, all details of the source, the medium, and the online campaign which triggered the visit will be transferred to Google Analytics.

UTM tagging can help you to get a crisp and clear idea about how and from where the traffic is coming over to your website. Since many apps and browsers do not share the traffic details to Google Analytics, UTM tagging has been a great boon to the SEO agencies in Dubai.

UTM Tagging Tips

Consistency is a major factor in UTM tagging. Whatever you type should be made consistent, by using a dash, underscore, or any other symbol to connect words.

As Google is case sensitive, if you use a mix of both uppercase and lower case letters, google will analyze and report it separately. This will make the data collection less organized, leading to double work which won’t be limited to Google Analytics.

The next thing to do is to analyze the source and the medium as two different aspects so that you can strictly organize your page traffic without any muddles.

Which URLs to Tag

Choosing the URLs to be tagged is based on what locations does your website has and what do these URLs stand for. If you have a single location, you will probably tag the URL to your home page.

In the case of Google Products, you might need to link your tags to your products or services page. Similarly, if you have an appointment URL, you will link it to your Contact Us page. This way, tagging should be done to URLs that take your visitors to a similar service.

How To add Tags to your GMB Listings

Once you have identified the URLs to be linked to, then comes the tagging process. Google Campaign URL builder is a free tool that helps you to easily create UTM tags and place them in your Google My Business listing.

First, enter the correct UTM tags. Then, on your GMB listing, place the link generated from the Campaign URL Builder Tool. For this, first, go to your Google My Business profile and select the Info option on the left-hand side.

Then scroll down and copy and paste the UTM links on the respective Website, Appointment, and Menu links. Now, you will be able to track the data of the visitors who click on the UTM tagged links that you provide online.

Thus, UTM tagging is not as difficult as it seems in the first place. Of course, it has a set of regulations and aspects to be taken care of. If done perfectly, you will be able to churn out a plethora of vital information about your customers, which will definitely improve your online presence.