With the digital era marching towards the newest realms of innovation, technology has become something that excites and amazes the audience more than anything else. As a result, famous tech exhibitions like Gitex Global have become one of the coolest attractions for all kinds of audiences.

The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (Gitex) Global 2021 underlined this fact through many of the visual treats and brain-twisters that it offered. It was conducted in Dubai from the 17th to the 21st of October. Dubai, which has been considered as the global hub of tourism and innovative technology, has become even more prominent in the global technology market with the innovations at the Gitex. With the wide range of attention it receives, Gitex has become the new face of the various technological advancements in Dubai.

Here are some of the greatest attractions of Gitex Global 2021 that redefined the level of Dubai’s possibilities in the field of technology.

The 5G Benefits by Ericsson

The Ericsson booth showcased the importance of 5G technology and what it can do in our lives. Ranging from high-quality video calls to an unlimited gaming experience, the Ericsson booth was instrumental in spreading awareness about the immense possibilities of the 5G technology.

The VR-AR Booth by Huawei

Huawei housed one of the most exciting events in the GITEX Global 2021, the visual reality and augmented reality booth. It featured a real-time interaction with elephants, giraffes, and even unicorns, with a widescreen that uses augmented reality to deliver an amazing ambient experience. The visual reality booth also offered a sky exploration experience at its best.

The Robot

A robotic hand with a built-in sensor detects the motion of your hand and moves just like it! This was another exciting experience at the GITEX Global 2021. Such a robotic hand can provide immense contributions to the health and medical industry. It can also assist in checking baggage in the airport, detecting hazardous materials, and even diffusing bombs.

Automated Servers

Serving your guests is now very easy with automated servers that move around smiling and winking. They have special sections in their bodies where various items can be placed. Automated servers prove to be one of the most beneficial technologies for the future- especially in the restaurant and hospitality sectors.

The Sustainable Car Inspired by Avatar

Mercedes came up with a leather-free sustainable car inspired by the famous James Cameron movie. Even though it is not yet available to the customers, this Mercedes model can be of great help to the sustainable efforts of our future generations.

The Robotic Dog

Now comes the most unbelievable and strange piece of innovation – a robotic dog that does not bump into you! It will march in front of your just like a dedicated pet. This robotic dog can be a boon to the aspect of security and a great companion for those who need assisted living.

The Airspeeder

Regarded as the future of racing and mobility, this car can travel at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour and almost at a height of six feet from the ground. Shaped like a shark, this ‘air-racing’ car also has a sensor that detects any possible collisions. No doubt that the airspeeder will become a huge trend in the automobile industry once it is introduced into the market.

With all these innovations being just the tip of the iceberg, the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition Global 2021 has showcased the immense range of technological expertise in Dubai. No wonder Dubai is becoming the global destination for a huge variety of sectors ranging from tourism to next-generation technological wonders.