Are you experiencing a fall in sales of your business right now? Well, White Friday is coming and it is your best chance to have a whooping increase in your sales.

White Friday is the middle-east version of Black Friday in the United States. Held at the end of November, the customers are provided with great sales, offers, and discounts for a variety of products among different industries.

White Friday is a great time to scale up your business and also improve your brand awareness among your target audience. Here are some marketing strategies that can help you to be successful this White Friday weekend.

Respect The Local Culture

Before gearing up your marketing efforts, it is important to be aware of what products and marketing strategies are culturally permissible in the Arab world. Everyone competing in the White Friday sales should make sure that their products and ads always respect the culture and traditions in the Gulf counties. While designing captions and marketing messages, you should make them effective enough without hurting any religious beliefs or traditions, which may affect the reputation of your business.

Advertise as the Biggest Sale of the Year

Even though White Friday is known to be the biggest sale of the year, you should stress the same in all your ads and promotional messages. Customers should realize that this is the time and they are not going to experience such a sale for another year. Using catchy captions with large-sized fonts, you should catch the attention of the customers with relevant discounts and offers.

 Offer Huge Discounts

Customers are well aware that White Friday is the biggest sale of the year. Thus, they expect huge offers and discounts from all kinds of businesses. You should advertise the great discounts, offers, coupons, and other complementary gifts or vouchers that you are going to provide. This way, customers will feel the urgency to purchase maximum products during the sale.

Start Your Promotions One Month Before

Once you have organized your products and their respective discounts or offers, you should come up with a social media promotion plan. According to marketing experts, the searches for White Friday normally start from mid of October, about 5 weeks before the event. Thus, your social media marketing should go live 4-5 weeks before the White Friday Sale. You may display a large countdown timer on your home page to excite potential customers for the sale. You may also send personalized emails to subscribers along with an ‘add to calender’ option. All your social media marketing efforts should continue till the end of the sale.

Use White, Red and Black Colors

According to marketing experts, red, white, and black colors are the most used marketing colors in the White Friday period. With the passage of time, these three colors have become the identity of the event. Thus, you should look for a bold design with block letters in a red, white, and black color combination to initiate the excitement of shopping within the customers.

Use Both English and Arabic Copy

To attract and engage more customers, you should design your marketing copies in both English and Arabic languages. The non-English speakers should also have an idea about your offers and what you are trying to convey through the posters or sliders. Furthermore, by using Arabic correctly, you are conveying your respect and value towards the local culture.

These are the very basic things to take care of while marketing your business for the White Friday Sales. Thus, make sure that you benefit the maximum from the biggest sale of the year.