Abu Dhabi has now launched an internet domain extension to promote the emirate around the world. The new online domain extension “. abudhabi” will boost the emirate’s online presence across key sectors like culture, tourism, economy. It will be available to citizens, residents, and employers working in and outside Abu Dhabi.

The domain extension will help to promote Abu Dhabi as a brand in festivals, fairs, and other events that they host annually. Speaking on the development, Dr. Mohamed Al Askar, Director General of Abu Dhabi Digital Authority says that they are very pleased with the development of the “.abudhabi” domain extension, which defines that the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is confident and quick in the process of complete digital transformation. According to him, the Abu Dhabi leadership has always had the ambition to build and develop the digital future of the emirate innovatively through the application of digital solutions and initiatives that will boost the economic development of the Capital.

With more than 550 names successfully registered and the number growing rapidly, the “.abudhabi” domain extension has kickstarted its journey towards success. Dr. Ali Askar has asked all companies in Abu Dhabi to register their online services on this extension to enhance the digital identity of Abu Dhabi. “.abudhabi” is now the official internet domain name extension of Abu Dhabi. A domain name extension is added after the actual website name. There are many extensions used like “.com”, “.org”, “.ae”, etc. And now, companies in Abu Dhabi can register their websites and other online services in the domain extension “.abudhabi”.

In recent years, Abu Dhabi has been gearing up its shift towards complete digital services across the emirate. In March 2020, the Higher Committee of the Digital Government was formed to discuss the importance of an efficient online strategy for the emirate. As a result, during the lockdown imposed due to the Covid 19 outbreak, schools initiated remote learning and many government services became online by limiting face-to-face interactions.

With the new domain extension coming into existence, Abu Dhabi has a bright future to completely utilize its possibilities in the digital arena.