It goes without saying that Facebook has built its own world with 2.7 billion active users as per a report released in the second quarter of 2020. To make it simple, every 5th person on the planet has a Facebook account. These active users visit Facebook at least once in a day and a good share of the users stay connected to FB through smartphones 24/7. According to Google, there are 200+ popular social media channels and if you take the consolidated users on these websites, probably, the figure will be close to the world’s population. So, without any doubt, social media platforms can be used as powerful marketing channels to develop your business. However, since the competition in social media marketing is very high, you need to have a perfect strategy to get results. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while planning and executing social media marketing.

Choosing the Platform

First step in social media marketing is to find the digital marketing platforms that best suit your business. It depends upon the product or service you offer, people you are targeting etc. For example: If you are running an Ad to sell your food items, Linked-in is never a good platform for you. You need to choose Facebook, Instagram or Snap chat to get business.

Content must be attractive

Though people are addicted to social media channels, they do not look at a post or video unless it’s very attractive. We need to understand that social media users do not visit these sites to get suggestions on products or see advertisements. They visit the social media channels for refreshment. Therefore, the chances of them ignoring a promotional post is very high. Here comes the role of catchy content for your post. The write ups and the captions should be good enough to stop the users from scrolling further and the design should catch eyeballs. Moreover, you should not keep posting the same content and the design again and again. Rather, you should be creative to produce attractive design and content to win the attention of the users. You should also check the nature of the content that goes well on the platform you choose. On some, it would be images and on some, it would be videos.

Targeted Audience

Like mentioned earlier, Social Media is a massive platform with users from all over the world. Therefore, you need to be smart enough to define your targeted audience for a successful campaign. You can choose to display your FB ad to users falling under specific age group, people living in certain area, people with certain designation etc. For instance, if a hypermarket has an attractive offer to promote, they should choose the local area from where people visit their shop, rather than selecting the entire city or state. The more you narrow down to the targeted users, better would be your “ROI”. Facebook Ad Manager offers a very useful tool to help you select the targeted users effectively.

 Tracking the results

Social media strategies have to be tested and improved continuously to get the best results. Never ever assume that you will get your cards right in the first shot. You need to closely track the result of your campaign and keep fine tuning the design, targeted audience, content etc. to keep improving the outcomes. All social media channels offer powerful analytical tools to let you clearly understand the performance of the campaign.

If well planned and executed, social media marketing can bring great fortunes for your business. You can talk to our digital marketing experts to get a customized social media plans for your business.