Christmas season is coming to an end and the new year is around the corner with new hopes, it’s time to think of new marketing plans for your business. Though 2020 was an unpleasant year for the majority of the people across the globe, it’s leaving us with some great lessons. This is the year when the mankind realized that even the strongest country with an ever-booming economy can collapse in no time. In 2020, we learned to stay connected and work efficiently without being in a commonplace. With all such realizations and learnings, we are ready to welcome 2021, preparing for the worst and expecting the best. Well, preparing a marketing plan for the new year is crucial to not just survive but to thrive.

Challenges while preparing a marketing plan for 2021

• Since revenue has been low in 2020, the marketing budget is also going to be low
• Return-on-investment is more crucial this year
• The spending capacity of the customers will be less
• Competitors are out in the market with tempting offers to survive
Though such challenges exist in 2021, information consumption on digital platforms has drastically increased. Such a trend has opened wide opportunities for digital marketing. Right campaigns executed at the right time can help you grow your business.

Focus more on Paid Ads

Paid advertisements on Google and social media channels are the best options to fetch instant results. You need to find out where your targeted audience spends most of their time. Do they stay connected on Instagram or spend most of their time on snap chat? Does linked-in marketing support your business model? You have to spend a lot of time to find out which social media platform would bring in more leads for your business. The idea is to spend the large share of your marketing budget on the most potential social media channel and ensure ROI, rather than spending the available budget on multiple platforms.
If your customers search for the products or services on Google, allot budget for Google Search Ads. The conversion rate of enquiries obtained from Google Search Ad is much higher than any ad model. So, it’s always good to have your website listed on Google’s search pages to get potential leads.

E-mail Marketing

Do you think e-mail marketing is an obsolete marketing technique? If you do, you are underestimating the power of e-mail marketing. This old marketing technique is still giving out fruitful results. It’s one of the cheapest digital marketing techniques that can help you connect with your intended audience and fetch potential leads. The majority of people stay connected with their e-mail accounts through smartphones. Hence, your promotional mails, offers, discount codes, etc. reach your customers instantly through e-mail campaigns. They can click on the link provided in the e-mailer and place their orders. However, keep in mind that people receive several promotional e-mails every day and your e-mailer should be creative enough to catch your customer’s eyeballs. There are several e-mail marketing tools available to help you make your e-mail marketing successful.

Retarget your customers

Never underestimate the power of retargeting campaigns. You can run social media and google retargeting campaigns to remind the customers about your brand. Such campaigns let you show advertisements to users who once visited your website. Therefore, if you are running a discount sale, you can target such users to tempt them to buy from you. Maybe, they did not make a buying decision, just because they could afford it. The new offer can turn the visitor into a customer.

Work out on attractive offers

There are numerous digital marketing strategies but all those strategies would produce the result only if the offer you are making is catchy. Digital marketing sets a platform for your business to effectively interact with your customers. Your brand’s voice is heard loud in the market. However, these strategies will work out only if your advertisement creates a buying intention in your customers. So, spend time to create attractive offers before starting your paid campaigns.

Increase the number of enquiries

Due to the tough economical condition, the chances of sale closures are going to be less in 2021. Therefore, you need to increase the number of enquiries in order to increase closure opportunities. Use all the digital marketing techniques and your personal network to connect with more and more people to generate leads.
If wisely planned and executed, digital marketing can drive your business to new heights. You can talk to our digital marketing expert today to get a rewarding digital marketing plan for 2021.