SEO trends 2022

With the online space getting competitive than ever before, the digital marketing strategies associated with it are also getting advanced with new trends. In order to have a powerful online presence for your business, you need to implement the most advanced and trendy strategies. Even though search engine optimization(SEO) is a very common strategy right now, it is evolving further with many more trends to consider for the future.

Here, we will have a look at the new trends in SEO and how they are beneficial to websites.

Mobile Responsiveness

According to Google, almost 60 percent of the searches happen from mobile devices. It is also said that almost 75 percent of internet users will be browsing from their mobile phones by 2025. With such strong statistics favoring mobile users, you should definitely maintain your website responsive to mobiles and other small-screen devices to have better SERP rankings.

Increase in Voice Searches

With Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa becoming very popular technologies, more and more users are changing to voice searches. By 2022, almost half of the household users are expected to have a smart speaker for assistance. To cope up with voice searches, you should focus on keywords and also long phrases, as people tend to use longer search words in voice searches unlike abbreviating while text searching.

Include Videos In Your SEO Strategy

Generating video content is one of the best ways to strengthen your SEO efforts. With over a billion users, Youtube is the best platform to start your channel. To implement the best SEO strategies, you should optimize the name and description of your youtube channel with specific keywords that are relevant to you your product or service. You may connect with a reputed SEO company in Dubai to understand the different SEO strategies that can boost your youtube content.

Improve Page Speed

Users are looking for easy and quick information whenever they perform a search. About half of the internet users bounce back from websites that take four or more seconds to load. As this signifies, if you have a slow-loading website, you will be experiencing high bounce rates that include about half of your potential consumers. Browsers like Google are also very concerned about the poor website experience provided to the users through slow-loading pages. Google also considers high bounce rates as a strong factor to reduce a website’s search ranking. Thus, to keep your SEO efforts in full swing, make sure you have a fast-loading website.

Semantic Words Will Have Importance

Google no longer works on the idea of a specific set of keywords and what they mean. Secondary keywords, semantic search results, and intent optimization also have become crucial in SEO. Here, Google analyzes the search words and tries to understand the search intent of the user. Thus, you should use both primary and secondary keywords in the relevant information that you provide.

Search Engines Encourage Long Format Content

To make sure that you have a strong and credible online presence, you should shift your focus to long-form content. Even though the users are looking for quick information, they usually encourage and share long-form content that is highly informative and at the same time keeps them engaged. Rather than having huge paragraphs of text, you should divide your content into different sections and sub-sections like H2 and H3 so that they look attractive and easy for small screen users. You should also make sure to add sharing links at the very beginning of the content so that it reaches wider audiences.

Content Should Meet Google’s EAT Principle

Content quality has always been the prime aspect of Google’s search ranking. Google defines content quality with the help of EAT principle which refers to expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. You should design website content based on user search behavior so that the content you provide will be based on their interests and will be appealing enough for the users. To satisfy the EAT guidelines, you should ensure that the content is backed up with trustable statistics, and reliable and reputed sources are provided as references. The backlinks you generate should also be from trustable and leading websites. You may also have your website content cross-checked by experts in the niche so that you can ensure that you are providing quality-enhanced and error-less content.

Social Listening

Social listening is also becoming an important aspect of SEO strategies. It is the technique of tracking brand mentions and customer feedback across various social media platforms. Through social listening, you can understand the customer interests, perceptions, and also the online presence of your competitors. The discussions based around your brand will give you an idea about the right set of keywords to be used in your website content to target potential consumers.

As we have seen, SEO strategies getting far advanced from traditional keyword research and implementation. Thus, make sure you evolve with the new trends by implementing them within your website.