Social media nowadays is one of the prime mediums for digital growth and an optimal way to connect with your target audience. If done right, social media itself is potent enough to generate enough revenue for your business. Here are some of the most effective tips to grow your social media over time.

1. Automate your social media

One of the main difficulties that business owners face is not having the time to spend on social media. Posting regularly on social media needs some effort and time, you will need to write descriptions, add relevant hashtags, and post during the most effective time. This may seem messy at times when the business owners have other more important tasks that consume their time. This can be tackled by making use of free scheduling software.
Some of the software that you could use are Facebook creator studio (to post and schedule on Facebook and Instagram) and Tweet deck (to post and schedule on Twitter) to name a few.

2. Plan contents in advance

Planning contents in advance is very much important. Choose a time when you feel creative and do some research on the trending topics, brainstorm ideas, and then create content for 2 weeks or even a month in advance. You may use free tools like google trends to find the trending topics. Planning contents ahead also leverage you with the opportunity to plan these contents the optimal way, so that it would turn much more interesting and rewarding to your overall marketing efforts.

3. Find the best platform

Evaluating the best platform to promote your business and to connect with your target audience is important while dropping the less rewarding ones is crucial. If you’ve been posting consistently to a platform and are still seeing low engagement rates, it’s time to evaluate whether or not it’s worth your time to remain active on that platform. This will both reduce your rate of less rewarding efforts and provide you the excess time to concentrate on the more rewarding ones.

4. Make use of analytics

Almost every social media platform on the web provides some insights and analytics on how your post or content performed on the specific platforms. You can check and make use of these analytic metrics to evaluate which content performed well and which does not. This will provide you a good understanding of your audience’s interest and will help to fine-tune your content and optimize it for better performance.

5. Competitive Analysis

The checklist of social media tips is not complete without mentioning to analyze the competitors’ profiles. Analyzing competitor’s profiles will not only give you insights into the ideas and themes for content. It is also helpful in understanding the interest of your target niche. Once you get these insights, you can take the ones that work and drop the ones which don’t.

6. Hashtag Research

The hashtag is a way to connect social media content to a specific topic, event, theme, or conversation. Researching and testing out new hashtags are very much important to gain more organic impressions, engagements and to grow your social media follower base. Creating a list of all hashtags and analyzing the performance of hashtags are also useful in this context. You can make use of free tools like Ritetag, Socialert, or even go with hashtag search on Instagram and trending hashtags on Twitter for hashtag research.

7. Send more DM’s, Mentions & Comments

There is a lot of automation available on DM’s, yet it is the best option to DM yourself. Not everyone is a fan of automated replies. Sending DM’s to loyal customers and influencers will help improve the relationship. Once you’ve built up a relationship, you can send your customers exclusive sales through DMs or ask influencers if they would be interested in collaborating. Mentions and comments will also play a major role in proving more genuine to your customers.

The above 7 tips are very much potent that if rightly executed can change the face and pace of your marketing efforts. If you need a little assistance in strategizing or executing your social media or entire digital marketing plan, you can always talk with our experts for a free technical analysis. Click to know more about our services.