It’s true that online businesses are running after keyword optimization and perfect landing pages to increase traffic, conversion and sales. But, are these the only factors that make the process easy? It’s a definite no. Here comes the need of optimising the branded search of your company.

What is Branded Search?

Branded search is basically any search which includes the name of your brand, product or website in it. Mostly, branded searches are done by people who already use or know your brand or atleast have a vague idea of it. These are people who are looking for your product, and not those who randomly find it in a search.

Importance of Branded Search

 When people type your brand name on the search bar, the search engine helps them with a number of suggestions. This may range from positive product reviews to negative product refunds. These suggestions are popular searches, and you don’t want a potential customer to see that there are refund searches going on for your product. Thus, optimizing such a group of potential sale searches can really help you to churn out a lot more sales and engagements. This is why, branded search has to be observed seriously,

Study Branded Search Suggestions

 According to Google, about 23 percent of the searchers tend to click on the suggestions provided by google. This is almost a quarter of your potential customers, who came searching for you. Even though it is a fact that nobody can alter search suggestions, you can cover them up with new and trending suggestions by coming up with new products, services or even exciting news about your brand. For example, when you announce an offer sale on your e-commerce website, more searches will be based on it, which will replace the ‘refund’ or ‘customer complaint’ searches.

Answering Questions and Complaints

 As discussed, negative search suggestions can affect the sale and conversions to your website seriously. Thus, coming up with a counter-management strategy is important. This can be done by finding out regular enquiries, questions, customer complaints and other problems, and solving them with relevant answers and clarifications. The contents featuring these clarifications can be included as a part of your website, so that again the website engagement and navigation gets easy.

Keyword Search Tools

 Your brand name is your best keyword. Keeping it as the seed keyword, you can conduct keyword research through Google Keyword Planner or any other tool. This will give you an idea of the keywords that are related to your brand. From the generated keywords, select the mostly used ones which contain your brand name. For example, if you are an SEO company in Dubai, a keyword having your brand name would be better than a random keyword like ‘SEO company Dubai’. This will help you to come up with contents and ideas that go with the most searched keywords containing your brand.

Create Interesting Tools

 People always love to have fun online, with whatever that they find interesting. When you add entertaining tools like small games, stories, memes, cartoons or animations, your website gets more engagements through related searches. Sometimes, people will directly search for these contents in your website, which will make navigation and brand awareness more easy. With more popularity, these get into the list of your brand search suggestions, which will boost your online presence too. For example, if you are a digital marketing agency in Dubai, you can come up with stories or animations that feature the most attractive places in Dubai, which will grab the attention of both the natives and the tourists.

Engaging in High Traffic Websites

It’s not always through your website that you get attention in the online world. Posting unique content on websites with high traffic, or collaborating with them for attention generating ideas and concepts can improve your online presence. Even when someone carries out searches related to the other website, your brand name may appear in the suggestions, which can generate up to 23 percent of clicks, as we mentioned above.

Thus, the basic idea behind optimizing branded search is knowing what your existing and potential customers are searching for. When you provide them what they seek for, all you have to do is enjoy your growth and make sure the cycle continues!