Are you looking to develop an e-commerce website for your business? If yes, this article is for you. Here you will learn the top 10 things that you need to keep in mind while developing an e-commerce website. It’s true that e-commerce is a booming industry and you can easily grab your share of business, if you play your cards right. Developing an e-commerce website is just a beginning. You need to set profound strategies to market your online store, work out attractive offers and find ways to make your customers repeatedly visit your web store. Well, all those marketing or customer retention techniques would work only if your e-commerce store is customer-friendly. Let’s us dive into the top 10 points that you should keep in mind while developing an e-commerce store.

Lightning Fast

Loading Speed of your e-commerce store is one of the most important factors.  With loads of e-commerce stores selling the same products you do; users prefer to instantly glance through different e-commerce stores before making a buying decision. If your website takes a lot of time to load, users are less likely to spend time on your store. Your e-commerce store should load within 3 seconds. Not just the home page, even the inner pages should respond instantly. Talk to the e-commerce web designing company about the techniques and technologies to develop a lightning-fast e-commerce store.

Do not be too fancy

Of course, your e-commerce store should look attractive but don’t make it too fancy. It should be a simple design with colors that are smoothening to the eyes. When you design an e-commerce store, you should keep in mind that you are designing it for your customers and not for yourself. No matter how much you like your store, if majority of the users do not like the fancy design, all the hard work and money invested will go in vain.

Use high Quality Images

Images of the e-commerce store plays a vital role when it comes to the overall aesthetic appeal of your web store. So, make sure you use the high-quality images that can portray your business theme. You should show an image gallery for all the products, portraying different dimensions of the product. This is to help your customers to make buying decision.

Recommended products

“Recommended Product” section allows you to show the products based on the surfing history of the visitor. Majority of the visitors’ surf through the products and leave the site without making the purchase at that point of time. In the “recommended products” section, you can show products that the particular user surfed through in the last visits. Talk to your e-commerce web design agency dubai regarding such a feature.

Highlight Offers

e-commerce industry has made customers run crazy for offers. Today, the best way to attract customers to your site is to roll out tempting offers. You should work out great offers and display them in the most eye catchy manner on your e-commerce store. It should be visible at a glance.

Smart Navigation

You should plan your e-commerce store in such a way that the user stays on the page for longer period of time and goes deep into the site, page after page. More time the user stays on the site, higher is the conversion chance. On the other side, more the user stays on the site, lesser would be the “bounce rate”.  Lesser bounce rate greatly help you get better search engine ranking. So, spend time with your e-commerce web design agency and smartly plan the navigation of your site.

Related Products

You should use every opportunity to showcase your products to the users. Related Product section on all the product detail page will be a good move. In related products, you should display products that are related to the product the particular customer is buying. For example: For a user who is buying a formal shirt, you can show Formal trousers as related products.

Smoothing Shopping Flow

Your shopping cart should have easy shopping flow to ensure excellent customer experience. User should be able to see the product list in the live cart throughout the shopping journey. This would help them to keep a check on the total amount while adding products. Upon clicking checkout, a quick summary should be shown to give clear idea to the customer about the product he/she has added to the cart and the amount he/she is going to be charged. No one prefers to fill in long forms and therefore, bare minimum details should be requested and the payment process should be hassle free. You need to ensure that the whole shopping experience is delightful and easy.

Give Quick Contact Details

Your website should have easy access to contact details, so that your customers can instantly connect with you any time. Displaying the contact details on the website will not just give your customers to an option to connect with you, it also increases the level of trust for your brand. It gives them a feeling that there is always someone they can talk to, if something goes wrong.

Smartphone Friendly

60% of the Internet users visit online stores through smart phones and therefore, it’s extremely important that your website opens up well on smartphone devices. The navigation, menu style, product display etc. should be well aligned to fit the mobile screens. Your e-commerce web design company can help you optimize your web store to suit all commonly used browsers and smartphones.

You should keep fine tuning the web store to ensure that the above-mentioned points are met time to time. Make it a point to go through the entire e-commerce store at least once a week to ensure that it’s glitch free. Happy Selling