Have you ever felt that you are not getting enough user engagement on your website after all those digital marketing campaigns and strategies put in place? Well, if there is nothing wrong with your strategies, something is wrong with your website and the experience it delivers to the users.

Proper engagement is necessary for any website to improve its online presence and business. Users should explore your website, read the content, sign up with your forms, and respond to your call to action quickly. But for all these to happen, there are some aspects to be made sure of on your website. Let us have a look at some of these.

Improve Your Site Speed

The loading speed of your website has a great influence in keeping the visitors interested in it.  Studies suggest that about 50 percent of the visitors bounce back from websites that take above 3 seconds to load. This means, about half of your potential customers! Thus, if there is any provision for speed improvement, ensure that you take care of that first. Even if you don’t have a well-equipped digital strategy, a fast website will make sure that all your visitors engage with your website for a minimum time.

Improve Site Navigation

Easy navigation is what most internet users look for. If your website has a plethora of options and links, it will be very difficult to navigate. This will increase the bounce rates and eventually decrease the user engagement on the website. Thus, always provide a simple navigation menu that delivers the relevant information just 2-3 clicks away. Make sure that you provide a search box so that the visitors can easily find what they are looking for. You may connect with a leading website designing agency in Dubai to improve your site navigation.

Provide Rich and Quality Content

It is seen that pages with content ranging from 1000 to 2500 words are more capable to attract user engagement. The idea is to make the visitor spend more time on the visitor reading the content. But the content should be relevant and informative, rather than bluffing to meet the word count. You may publish blog posts on the frequently asked queries on the internet related to your business.

Deliver the Right Message

Every business has a purpose, value, and identity. These aspects are delivered through the message that they convey. Make sure that your website delivers the right message through its pages. Your home page should be rich with the right taglines and slogans that represent the personality of your business. You may also add social proof about your business like testimonials, reviews, etc., which increases the trust of your visitors. The products and service pages should be designed in such a way that they appeal to the needs of the visitor.

Add a Chat Box

Chat boxes can help visitors whenever they have any issues or doubts. Even though they are important, chat boxes should not ruin the comfortable reading experience on the website. You may include a name and photo of your chat box representative so that your visitors will be more comfortable and happy to interact with you. Notify your visitors when your representative is not available for interaction. Apart from all these, chatbox interactions will provide you more ideas on how to interact with online customers in the future. Chatboxes automated with AI can make customer interactions easier and more effective. A reliable website development company in Dubai can help you with an efficient chatbot.

Make It Mobile Friendly

Studies suggest that almost 40 percent of Google searches come from smartphones. With almost half of your potential customers trying to find you through smartphones, you must make sure that your website is mobile responsive. Optimize its design, content, images, and other graphics in such a way that the website loads fastly on all kinds of devices. Further, ensure that your mobile website is easy to read, navigate, and search for further information.

These are some of the basic aspects that can make a change to user engagement in any website. Make sure that you improvise yourself so that delivering a positive website experience will not be difficult as it seems.