Web development along with digital marketing is moving through the most rapid and revolutionary phase in its entire lifetime. This is due to the fact that even the most traditional businesses have realized the importance of having a well-designed website and finding their potential consumers through it. With the number of websites and the user behavior improving with time, businesses should also move with the trend on their dedicated websites.

When it comes to building a powerful online presence, the user experience that you deliver through your website should meet the latest trends that happen around the online world. Here, we will have a look at the major web development trends that can keep your website well-updated in 2022.

Voice Search Optimization

The introduction of smart speakers and voice recognition technology by Google, Amazon, Apple, etc have resulted in an increase in the number of voice searches made. The global market of smart speakers is expected to grow by 21 percent in 2022 with the assistance of AI speech recognition tools like Alexa, Siri, etc. With this being the case, more and more people will be comfortable with voice searches rather than texting. According to Adobe, about 47 percent of internet users prefer voice searches in their daily life. Thus, web developers should optimize the website content with primary and secondary keywords to be recognized for relevant voice searches. They should also focus on long-tail keywords to have a better reach for voice searches.

Progressive Web Applications

PWA is a modern web technology that enables you to provide smooth navigation, improved loading speed, and a positive user experience on your website. Even though PWA has been in existence for a long time, leading websites are now using it to ensure the easy access and functionality of their online services. PWA is crucial to providing an engaging experience to mobile users. With almost 60 percent of all Google searches coming from smartphones, PWA-enabled responsive websites are going to be the most favored ones in 2022.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is another emerging technology in the field of web development. It works on the open-source plugin developed recently by Twitter and Google. AMPs provide an enhanced website experience to the users through optimized pages that load fast and feature convenient designs. AMP plugins make the pages mobile-friendly and ensure an engaging website experience on various screens and devices. They also improve the loading speed of the pages and ensure user-friendly websites with content that is easily readable on all screens. AMP can also reduce your UX expenses and help your brand to compete with leading brands even if you have a comparatively low budget.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The use of augmented reality and virtual reality techniques in website design will take the overall website experience to a whole new level. More and more industries like tourism, cosmetics, automobile, etc are starting to use UR and AR techniques in their website to provide online users with a real-time experience that can influence their purchase decisions. The Covid 19 pandemic has also urged online businesses to provide the most advanced visual techniques in their websites that can deliver a live or real feel when it comes to customer engagement. VR and AR features are also to be designed compatible with mobile devices for better results. Many website development companies in Dubai are coming up with innovative AR techniques to improve user experience.

Chatbots for Assistance

Even though chatbots are now common in many websites, integrating Artificial Intelligence with them will further improve the overall customer experience. The 24/7 chatbots supported with AI will reduce the workload of customer support managers and also provide the users with clear and factual solutions for their queries. Many leading companies like Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, etc are using chatbots for communicating with the users, paving the way for a wide range of possibilities with AI. AI-based bots are also more efficient than human beings as they analyze customer behavior and deliver an engaging and inspiring customer support experience without any kind of mistakes.

A Mobile-First Approach

With almost 60 percent of Google searches being done from mobile phones, more and more businesses are taking a mobile-first approach to their websites. People are always looking for easy information with the help of mobile phones. Thus, you should be able to come up with a mobile-friendly or responsive design for your website. Google also now considers mobile-friendliness as an important aspect to rank websites for relevant searches. Thus, the mobile-friendly approach will improve the user experience and further improve your SERP rankings.

These are the most common yet important trends that are going to rule the website development practices. If you are yet to implement these on your website, make sure you do it immediately to kickstart 2022 in the best way.