The digital space is getting so much competitive that every business has to update its website regularly to maintain its online presence. Sometimes, you will even have to revamp or redesign your website to provide it with a better appeal and overcome its shortcomings.

Like basic website designing, you need to come up with a set of goals to achieve while revamping your website. Redesigning without a purpose can make the process worthless. Website revamping is often done to improve its overall appeal and functionality, and also as part of rebranding a business. Here are some aspects you must consider and ensure in order to revamp your website in the perfect way.

Your Target Audience

Determining your target audience according to their interests is a major factor in redesigning a website. Any revamp you do should be focused on how you want to present your website to your target audience. After all, they are the ones that bring regular and relevant traffic to your website. Thus, ensure who your target audience is before you do something.

Your Target Design

Your website design should have an impact on the user within seconds when they enter your website. Your website must be experiencing higher bounce rates due to its poor design, underperforming graphics, low-quality images, etc. This bounce rate will negatively affect your Google ranking for even the most relevant searches. Thus, come up with a mock website design that consists of your brand colors, images, and other visual aspects before you indulge in the whole designing process.

Choosing The Domain and Host

Your domain name should be memorable and easy to spell, and should clearly convey what you do. You may come up with a fresh domain name if your previous one does fulfill any of these factors. You should also choose a reliable host according to the level of elements on your website. Security, fast servers, technical support, etc should also be key elements in choosing one. Be sure to choose the host once you have come up with a mock design for your website.

Choosing a Content Management System

An efficient Content Management System (CMS) is important to improve the look and feel of your website and also maintain its regularly. It must be secure but easy enough to update or revamp the content anytime.

Design a Site Map

Before the revamp, you need to have a clear idea about the pages of your website and what content each page should have. If your existing website has poor navigation, you should definitely come up with user-friendly website navigation and a detailed site map that makes it easy for browsers to crawl and index your web pages. Only a well-designed site map will give you a clear idea to perform the redesign.

Content Editing

No other factor can provide you with better rankings if your website content is not up to the mark. You may have your website content checked by an expert in the niche and check whether it meets the industry standards. If not, you should definitely hire an expert content writer and churn out engaging content that is also SEO-friendly.

SEO Strategies

Are Your SEO strategies up to the mark? If not, you should definitely have a well-set SEO plan while you design the website content. You should perform efficient keyword research and come up with industry-specific keywords and phrases that can be included in the website content to ensure better ranking on Google and other search engines.

Mobile-Friendly Designs

If your website does not have a responsive design, developing a mobile-friendly version should be one of the aims of revamping it. About 60 percent of Google searches happen from mobile phones and other small-screen devices. Thus. before you revamp your website you should come up with a mobile-friendly design that equally engages the users and provides an excellent reading experience.


A call to action is not something that should be placed on a single page. It should follow the user everywhere while navigating through the pages so that they can easily purchase a product, service, sign up for a newsletter, contact you, or perform any other action. To have complete detail about various forms of CTA and how to make them attractive, you may connect with a reliable website development company in Dubai.

Loading Speed

Almost 50 percent of internet users bounce back from a website if the loading time is more than 4-5 seconds. Before redesigning, you should have clear SEO and technical strategies to maximize the loading speed of your web pages. Fast loading pages can enhance and improve the search ranking for your website, making your revamp more successful.

A Perfect UX Design

The engagement and traffic on your website depend upon the user experience that you provide. You should design an engaging UX for your website even before starting the revamp. You should have a clear vision about what your target audience sees while they enter the website, and where they should be directed towards. You may hire expert UX professionals to have a look at your website and suggest changes.

Revamping is your best option if you wish to present your website with a new appearance and image. It can ultimately improve the way in which your potential consumers perceive your brand. As we have discussed, these are the most important aspects that you must consider before revamping your website.